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Day Sixty Nine

Haha. Still funny. Clearly too much Benny Hill at a young age. Today was a lovely lazy day. After a late start we walked into the village of Alnwick for a look around and ended […]


Day Sixty Eight

Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hogwarts. Yay! The sun is out and we are off! In reality, we are visiting Alnwick Castle and Alnwick Gardens in Northumbria which are separate, but side by side attractions. The castle has […]


Day Sixty Seven

Another mainly travel day today. Aimed ever southward we travel on the coastal path and catch glimpses of the ocean as we meander to and from it. It was meant to have been Hogwarts day […]


Day Sixty Six

We start the day with a visit to the two gardens which supported the Abbey. They have become separated by management over time, but are virtually side by side with each referring the other as […]


Day Thirty

We are one third of the way through our holiday, hence our push to go a little further north. The country seems but a dot on the world map, but has proved much larger to […]


Day Twenty Nine

Gosh I can’t believe we have been way for 30 days – it’s gone by in a flash so far. Makes me wonder if the next 60 will fly by just as fast. Still trying […]


Day Three

Almost there. A very fancy BBQ came home today, along with an outdoor table and chairs on back order. We also found the worlds smallest ironing board, with yellow spots. Very cute. I can see […]

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Day One

Well really day two, but yesterday passed in a daze of flight delays
and a long drive. Was lovely to be greeted by a family of baby
cottontail rabbits and a couple of squirrels. Word must have got out
that we were coming. Very obliging of the furry community really.